Audio tracks

I am bored and I'm doing anything to fill my time with doing something. I like electronic music more than any other genre out there. I like it because I see it as engineering combined with creativity. I think over 75% of electronic music is engineering. It's important to understand how programs are working, how signal flow is handled, how it is encoded/decoded etc. in order to create something harmonic and euphoric. Plus electronic music can perform any instrument, while no instrument can be used to create what electronic music can perform.

I already own a pair of hi-fi headphones, so I started working in a copy of FL Studio 12. I mostly use GMS because honestly, this is the only VST I am currently familiar with :)

I have been working with FL Studio for more than a year however I never wanted to deepen the knowledge in it. Most (if not all) of my old tracks literally suck. I don't even bother to upload them because really, you wouldn't want to hear them.

I have started to develop some skills in it starting with the beginning of august (2018). Below are some tracks of mine. The quality is MP3 CBR @ 320kb/s. Some may be silly, and I remind you: I don't dare you to listen to them. You can leave anytime you want :)

No. Name Uploaded Mastered Released MP3
2 Slicer 15/09/2018 Yes No
3 Unbidden 23/09/2018 Yes No
4 u-curretnyl 23/09/2018 Yes No